SEO Packages

SEO as a service is based on what your business goals are and which key phrase you need to rank for, to get maximum visibility to your business. Our SEO packages start right from identifying the right words for your business, not just words but keywords that works.

Every SEO package is designed to deliver results.

Cost differs not quality: With our different search engine optimisation packs you would expect to get different amount of keywords but our commitment to quality is same across all our search engine optimisation service packs.

Take a sneak peak on our packages and call us if you have any further questions:


If you are looking for a package that is uniquely designed for your business, we appreciate and would be more than glad to create an SEO pack that uniquely caters your business needs and helps you reach your business goals.

Our custom SEO quote is absolutely free and we would be happy to present you with our quote, do call us if you are looking for custom designed SEO package. Affordability is our goal in quoting for any of our SEO packages.

If you have a business goal of reaching a particular number of sales or revenue target, we are ready to take up that challenge and work to reach your goals. We can design an seo delivery model that will perfectly fit the road map for your sales or revenue goals.

Please call our consultant for a free consultation.

Moving your website to the first page or ranking on search engines is just the start! The real work is only after that! Search Engine Consultant provides with all the SEO services that you would require to put up a powerful online presence! The components which encompass search engine optimisation are packed uniquely for every different business and its needs. An SEO Package is a collection of various such SEO related components that are packaged for user benefits! It includes a range of services, both On-Page and Off-Page optimisations along with ranking report and fine tuning process.

Our SEO approach will be done in a phased manner starting from analysing the existing website, analyse competition and bench marking the competition. After our carefully analysing these factors, we develop an approach methodology that will help us achieve results for your website. Search engine is an ever changing industry, so we do analyse the impact of the strategies implemented and fine tune our process to achieve consistency in our results and to further improve rankings.

What you need to know!

Affordable SEO Packages is what we have worked hard to come up with. You need to first understand that at SEC, we package our SEO components based on user requirements and their budgetary constraints. For instance, a small business organisation may want a pack designed especially for them to suit their needs, particularly within a small budget. On the other hand, our deliveries are designed for small business will not be sufficient for an enterprise level organisation because they will be ready to spend huge amounts to make more profit over online marketing. Our SEO Pricing policy is to increase the brand awareness to search engine optimisation, we do not compromise on quality on any of our packages.

Why choose our SEO packages, when you have many other options??

At Search Engine Consultant, we are extremely concerned about our users and their benefits. Thus unlike any other company, we provide unique Packages that includes a variety of services such as;

Analysis of the site structure, keyword density and comparative analysis of your competitor’s website

Build up strategies and implement various On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation services such as Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Link Building Services, Article Submissions, Blog and forum Commenting and many more.

Constantly keep monitoring the dynamics of the website and get monthly ranking reports to make the process better day by day!

Conversion Optimisation is a method that is used by enterprises and moderately large organisations to increase the traffic for their site by converting their visitors into customers

Search Engine Consultant has a team of experienced and professional SEO experts who toil to deliver your work on time and in an effective manner.

You can increase the ranking of your website by using services like PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns that demand you to pay a minimal amount for every click you do. But if you are concentrating more on your budget, and wanted wholesome SEO services as a package, without paying for ads, (Organic SEO) then doing effective SEO is the only option and choose the most suitable SEO Package that is aptly matching your business needs.

Call Us immediately to talk to one of our consultant or Contact Us so that we get back to you with a best competitive SEO Package quote! We are located in Newcastle and we can visit your office for a free consultation. Our packages are affordable for any business regardless of their size.