Content Writing

If there is something that has stayed constant over the years in the ever changing world of web marketing, that is the importance of content. They say “Content is King“.

Search Engines always like to read more content, well like we always say, its not  for the search engines but for the users. Top search engines like Google crawl websites quite often in search of new and fresh content. A site that has most relevant content and the ones that are updated constantly gets more visibility than website that has less content activity.

In the world of search engines content does not refer to only text content, it also refers to images, video/audio and other form of multi-media content. However the importance goes to text due to the fact that search engines can read and understand them.

Writing Relevant Content:

It is very important to write relevant content on the pages dedicated for a product or a service. Try to focus on keeping the theme around the product or service on a particular page intact. Talking about too many different things on a same page distract the users thus search engines do not give high credit to those pages.

SEO focused Content Writing:

This is the most trickiest part of the whole process, while you have to satisfy the user you should also note that search engines have to understand what the page is promoting. After all only if search engines understands and ranks you will be able to get visitors.But search engines like Google are really advanced in the way they look and understand the content and they give more value for user experience so there is nothing called as search engine likability its about user likability. There are a few pointers that should be adhered to while writing content.

Content Writing Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Choose the keywords very carefully for each and every page.
  • Choose related words that relates to your keywords.
  • While volume helps, stuffing do not help.
  • DO NOT COPY from anywhere, search engines hate it.
  • Keep the language simple and easy to read.
  • Highlight relevant text wherever possible.

User Relevant Content:

In today’s search engine world vitality of your website on social networks have an impact on your search engine rankings. If you have to make an impact and influence your users to spread he word they have to like your content and feel the need to share it. So when you write content make sure that you are serving the need of your visitor and induce them to help others by sharing. Rand Fish from SEOMOZ has discussed the viral importance in his 2010 SEO ranking factors presentation delivered in SMX London.

Content is not text alone:

As mentioned earlier content is not text alone. A lot of people think the word content relates directly to text, in my opinion content is not only about text. It is a combination of text, video, audio, pdf’s and powerpoints. While some may argue the core part of pdf’s and ppt’s are text and the difference is only in the way it is presented, Yes I agree. However search engines like different form of content since it increase the user experience. If I am a recipe website and have a cooking demonstration video, I would always give the transcript in a printer friendly PDF format. Believe me it helps.

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The following is an example of a blog with content written that is topical and helpful on

The blog for skip the tip is at which as you can see uses a nice tile layout for a graphic summary of the blog posts.

Here is a screenshot of the blog:

Blog - Skip The Tip


And this is an example of a blog post, you can see it is a nice blend of images, text and sectioned content that makes it fairly easy to read ( ref:

What NOT to put in the Skip Bin - Skip The Tip