Search Engine Optimisation is a method using which you can bring your website on the top rankings of a search engine listing!  It helps in improving the quality of the site thereby increasing its traffic.  There are a number of difficult tasks to be performed and remembered to successfully optimize a website, but it’s not an ‘Impossible task! ‘

To do SEO yourself, first you need to understand what the search engine looks for, what it wants to see and what it considers to be the most important! Getting listed on the very first page of the results is vital because many people don’t bother to look further into the next pages of the results listed!

  • Paid
  • Organic or Natural

In paid search results, you can pay using options like Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns etc. Once your website outdoes your competitor’s website, you automatically get listed in the very first page of the search results. There are many such campaigns available using which any website can hit the top ratings of the search results.

The natural search results are the ones where your sites get ranked on its own without paying for it.  When using such search results, more focus must be given to the keywords used as only they can bring your site on the top of the list.

The rankings on search engine results are the outcome of several components and its combinations. These components and their combinations are classified under two;

  • On – Page Optimisation
  • Off – Page Optimisation

On – Page Optimisation is all about optimising a website directly. It deals with things like,

  • Proper linking of  the pages of your website
  • Creation of sitemap
  • Content with good quality
  • Error free codes
  • Identifying and using the right keywords the customers search for
  • Image, Tags, Header and URL Optimisation

Off – Page Optimisation deals with techniques that are done off your website, to improve its search engine page rankings and its traffic. It includes;

  • Posting and commenting on blogs
  • Submitting articles and press releases
  • Posting reviews
  • Video submissions
  • Social media submissions and bookmarking
  • Directory submissions.

Never do when Doing It Yourself!

Essentially, there are a few things to be avoided while carrying out On-Page Optimisation. It will help to make things easy while directly working on the concerned webpage that gets optimized!

  • Never use “black hat SEO techniques” for the sake of increasing your search engine page result.
  • Just have one authentic site! Never create mirror sites, or two sites, where one is used for the search engines and the other for your visitors.
  • Avoid posting duplicate content! Plagiarism (unless the original source is attributed) and posting of identical information (like same content on blogs, other sites etc.) must be avoided

The wise choice is to choose an ethical SEO Company to optimise your website.

Ok!! Now DIY SEO becomes easy while you use some simple, effective components and its combinations to get best search results. But always remember that both On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation goes hand in hand! On Page optimisation is the base for your SEO process. This is because; the elements of your website must be designed in such a way that it be eligible for a high ranking when specific keywords are typed. Whereas Off-Page Optimisation improves your website’s search engine page rank and increases its traffic too. Thus both its contribution is essential to get the result that you will want by SEO.

  • Choose the best and right keywords for your site
  • Use the chosen keywords in an effective and sensible manner
  • Say a big NO for repetition of content; like posting the same content on blogs and sites
  • Concentrate on building links so that it will be an easy way to promote your own site.
  • Usage of tags, frequent usage of keywords, including them into tags and codes will also help a great deal in SEO.
  • Use all kinds of On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation methods that are mentioned above because it’s highly benefiting and they will definitely put your site on the very first page of your search engine results!

Doing Search Optimisation Yourself

Now SEO would be an icing on the cake! Is it not??! To sum up, just remember two important things while doing SEO yourself. It is of no use if you practice all the above mentioned methods just for a day and worry about the results tomorrow. You need to have great deal of patience and perseverance in doing search engine optimisation because it in a phenomenon that does not happen overnight. It takes time to see the improvements and feel the increase in the traffic. Also make it a practice to update your site whenever you feel it’s necessary and concentrate more on using popular keywords by which you can see an increase in the number of visitors your site has got over a period of time!!

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