Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation is a technique by which an SEO company can find out the response rate of the visitors who are visiting their website. Necessarily we must know that in online marketing, the response rate of the customers keeps fluctuating.

  • Reducing visitor “bounce rate”
  • Improving one’s website results
  • Converting “visitors” into “customers”
  • Increasing the sales of their product or service

Conversion Optimisation involves various testing methods using which the aimed target is achieved! Some test methods empowers one to observe which headlines, images and content help one to convert more visitors into customers.

  • By focusing on testing as an approach to discover the best way to increase the conversion rate of a website
  • By focusing more on the pre testing stage of the optimisation process

A few elements are required for test focused approach to carry out conversion optimisation effectively so that it improves overall conversion rates!

  • Collection of data and processing it on basis of geography, context, frequency, demography, behavior and the kind of customers who visit the website which will determine the results based on multivariate testing and a/b testing. Testing reveals which approaches are generating the best results. Small changes can make a big difference. Thus one can use an A/B or multivariate test to find out what is working better and what will work even better.
  • a/b tests are performed to find out the best of two contents on one page at the same time
  • Multivariate testing is performed on more than one component of a site in a live environment. It must see that the content or creative variation produces the best enhancement in the defined goals of a website, thus ensuring high conversion rates!
  • The goals of the website should include boosting up of conversions, revenues, profits etc.
  • Once the tests are done, then audience screen method could be used to find out which place visitors enter more in real time.
  • To follow up, Statistical learning enables one to analyse the performance of the variations that take place on the website after optimising it.

For higher conversion rates avoid

  • Re-designing the website; instead try analysing your visitors’ behavioural pattern and why many don’t turn up to those sites again! This might definitely help.
  • Indulging in guess work! If you start testing the sites on guess work, then you might wrongly end up bringing down a high earning page or site. Thus you first exactly need to know which pages or site needs to be tested.
  • Testing pages before thinking about its end results! Mere change of colour and layout is not just enough to bring a drastic hike in conversion rates. Pay more attention to the content, readability, content, headline etc.

 Tools for conversion optimisation

  • A tool specifically designed for testing (such as A/B & Multivariate) is used
  • The most important pages are tested first
  • Stay committed! Difference in conversion rates are not even, so stay committed and until you see a definite result!

When one focuses on all above points, “Visitors” become “Customers”! But now, you wonder why to approach SEC??

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