Our Approach to SEO

Why choose our SEO™ service?

This page is a classic example of why our search engine optimisation services is better than any others, we are open about our strategies and tactics. We have listed all the strategies we use to get your website high on SERP’s.

  • Transparency in service offering.
  • We follow search engine guidelines laid out by Google.
  • Good for small businesses with minimum investment.
  • If you do not have in-house capabilities to manage the process
  • Cost effective than hiring resources in house.

How to choose SEO service provider?

It is always tough to choose a service when it involves technical stuff, SEO is one such service. However there are ways to scrutinise an SEO service provider.

See if they are transparent in their offerings.

Check out some sites that they have worked on. Just not the rankings but also the quality.

Ask if they practice other search engine marketing services or just SEO.

Get to know their short and long term plans for your website’s SEO.

Phase I

[Analysis Phase]

Website Analysis

Analysing your website is the basic step of getting your website optimised. The good and bad technical and seo factors may have major impact on your sites ability to perform on search engines. At SEC we have in house process developed to analyse a website for its search engine friendliness features.

Competition Analysis

Unless you know what your competitors are doing you will not be able to achieve success in search engine optimisation. There are several types of competitors you are looking at when it comes to online, real world and online world competitors. Our competition analysis process will encompass all these factors.

Keyword Research Advanced

Do you know you can find out how many people are potentially trying to look for your kind of businesses every month? Yes, that is exactly what our keyword research will do. Wait, we go another extra miles, we will also find out what is trending in your industry and include them in your keyword analysis report to make sure your future prospective keywords are also included

On-site Hierarchy Analysis

Google and other search engines look at the way important links are distributed in a website. The importance of a link/keyword is based on where it is placed on the website. We analyse your current website hierarchy and suggest changes if needed.

Call to action analysis

After all, every website owner spends their money and time to get more leads and improve their business prospects through search engine optimisation services. However a poor call to action may not turn your clicks into leads, SEC will analyse your website current call to action settings and suggest upgrades if required.

Google Maps Analysis

If your business has a google maps account created, we will analyse this account and its performance factors. If you do not have one yet, based on the seo packages you have chosen we will build a google maps account for your business.

Phase II

[On-Page Implementation ]

SEO Competition Benchmarking

In the analysis phase we analyse the amount of competition your prospective keywords would have using tools like google keyword tools. We also do a thorough analysis of the top 10 websites that rank on search engines in regards to their on-page and off-page efforts they have done so far.

Meta Data Creation / Implementation

We create meta tags like meta keywords, meta title and meta description for your websites pages based on which page needs to be targeted for what keywords.

Content Optimisation

Content when written by an expert on the subject matter may or may not satisfy the users and the search engines needs. We re-write the content for users as well and the search engines. Unlike other SEO companies we re-write it both for users and search engines not just search engines.

URL Optimisation

One of the most important ranking factor today is the presence of the keyword in the URL. This is just not limited to the root domain but also sub domains and inner pages of a website.

Internal Link Optimisation

Google and other major search engines crawl a websites section using the deep links used within the content and the links present on different pages. It is argued that these are not unique links however they have importance based on their positioning within the page and its content.

W3C Validation Report

W3C validation helps a website to be identified as error free. Search engines look at these errors as well and based on the gravity of its impact on users eyeball it impacts search engine positioning. As part of our SEO services we provide a comprehensive W3C validation report and in our advanced SEO services we offer solutions to address these errors.

Google, Yahoo, MSN Sitemap

Sitemaps are very important sources for both the users and search engines that helps them in navigation. Today search engines offer sitemap provisioning as part of their webmaster tool. This directly helps them to crawl a website based on the site map provided. Sitemap is part of our basic SEO services offering and advanced packages have various additional features.


Every website will have pages that needs to be crawled and some of them to be barred from crawling. Robots.txt comes in handy to make these rules for search engines to or not to crawl. Through robots we can also block bots crawling the website.

Onsite Image Optimisation

Images are important part of a website which enhances the look and feel of the whole website. Optimising these images for search engines would help greatly in ranking and beyond ranking these images may invite direct clicks through image search feature on major search engines like Google have made image optimisation part of all our SEO services.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking the visitor behaviour is very vital to your return on investment of any search engine marketing campaign. Conversions can be tracked at every level of a website using free tools like google analytics tools. There are other tools available in the market to track site conversions.At SEC we set-up and analyse conversions on select SEO services we provide.

Call to action suggestion/implementation

Working hard on search engine optimisation and bringing your website on the first page does not solve your lead generation needs.Visitors to your site has to be guided to take action that will convert into a lead for your business. This is exactly how SEC differs from other seo services companies, we go that extra mile and suggest call to action strategies. Some of our SEO services will have implementation as part of standard offering.

Google Maps Optimisation

Google has given an excellent space for local businesses and small businesses with “google places listing”. Google places listing comes up when a geo based keyword is searched. We have the right expertise to make your business to be highly visible in this space through optimised content and backlink references to your google places listing.

Link Building Phase

Image Distribution

Distributing images to other image display websites will help you in getting backlinks and clicks through searches performed for those images by external visitors. These images will be optimised for search engine friendliness and distributed across reputed image display websites.

Video Creation

Videos have become more popular marketing methodology in the world of internet. Videos can be made to represent any part of your business, be it technical expertise or product portfolio. There are numerous websites like youtube that display videos and such vdeo search engines just do not give you backlinks but also visitors. At SEC we understand the need of such emerging technologies and incorporate them in our SEO services.

Video Distribution

Just making the videos and having them on your home website will not help you in getting visitors or backlinks. It may help you in improving on-site factors of your website. However, we optimise these videos and upload them on video sharing websites which will increase the visibility through newer visitors and improved backlinks.

Unique Article Writing (Up to 3 a month)

We write unique articles that will encompass your product/service offering. We take the search engine ranking factors into consideration while writing these articles and make them search engine friendly. These articles can be posted on your own website or it can be used on high authority article websites like googleknol.

Niche Article Distribution

2011 saw the biggest changes in the way google looks at article directories. Google has taken content duplication quite seriously as a result of it article distribution to multiple sites will not yield any benefit. Keeping this in mind SEC offers niche article distribution services in which your articles will be distributed to select – industry based article directories and blogs.

Niche Directory Submission

Search engines are smarter and they get smarter every day. Directory submission once was very popular among search engine optimisation companies so a lot of links were sought from directories. Today it is still valuable to get links from directories but only if it is relevant industry directory or relevant section that sends the backlink to the client website.

Blog Links

Blogs are very effective means of getting an user to visit your website. There are numerous blogs available that focus on specific product or industry. We participate in these blogs by contributing content to them. We write relevant content on these blog networks and seek relevant anchor text links to our client website.

Forum Links

Forums have always been in the fore front of link building techniques, it creates an authority when a link is placed through a discussion on the most relevant subject your website deals with. Only when there is a relevance between the links and the content of your website, there is value when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Social Bookmarking

We bookmark website to highly placed bookmarking sites to improve the traffic through social bookmarks. HubPages, Weebly, Squidoo, Tumblr, Other UGC These are advanced link building activities done by promoting user generated content.

Social Media Optimisation

FaceBook Page Creation Basic

The most popular social media platform today is FaceBook, a presence in Facebook for a business is vital these days. It will help you to communicate with consumers. Facebook can be a tool to understand the customer mind set, offer customer service to attract new business. Our experts will continuously manage and update your Facebook page and improve your fan following.

Twitter Page Creation

Twitter can perform the magic with its limited 140 words. Businesses have benefitted with their presence on Twitter both in terms of backlinks and gaining new visitors to their websites.

Profile Creation Services

We create your business profile on most noted profiling websites that helps in promoting links and traffic to your website. Profiles created will be effectively managed by our experts through continuous updates.

SEO Services with a difference:

The world of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing is an ever changing and challenging one. At SEC we understand this phenomenon and make sure that we incorporate the updates and new technologies into our SEO services as and when it is required.